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Why a Hub?

About the need for Rapid Response

Combating human trafficking requires an effort that is in real time, multi-agency and trans-national. This would lead to a more efficient exchange of knowledge and open source intelligence in a user-friendly format. Transnational Referral Mechanisms (TRM) are currently inexistent or seriously impaired. The CCSDD Human Trafficking Chapter aims at filling this gap.

The Hub will serve as an independent, analytical and knowledge-sharing portal for human trafficking practitioners. 


Second, the Hub will constitute a real-time tailor-made analytical support for ongoing identification, investigations, and prosecutions.

Third, the Hub will provide real-time transmission of open-source analytical support. 

In a nutshell, the Hub will act as a “clearing-house” for open source intelligence for "country of origin" information and analytical “forensic” reports from authoritative sources in a user friendly format on human trafficking related issues to support more efficient functioning of trans-national referral mechanisms as well as real time investigations and other proceedings (administrative, civil, prosecutorial). Servicing the drafting and transmission of human trafficking  specific “country of origin” (CoI) reports, analytical “forensic” reports, and managing the human trafficking knowledge portal database, will improve rapid response and systemic investigation, protection and prosecution strategies for responding to human trafficking perpetuated by organised crime networks cross border. 

Four Hub components

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