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Why a Knowledge Portal?

About the need for trafficking-related country of origin reports

Country of Origin Information (COI) refers to information on countries from which asylum seekers originate relevant for decision-makers in the field of asylum. The end objective is to write a focused, clear, logical, well-sourced, fact-based COI report that is organised to direct practitioners to relevant, pertinent information in order to support the rendering of asylum decisions. It refers to information about countries of origin, habitual residence, transit and return in procedures or the individual assessment of applications for international protection and may also be used in the context of non-asylum related migration cases. In constitutes evidence in the international protection procedure and is important to help making a fact-based assessment. 

In the same fashion, servicing the drafting and transmission of human trafficking specific COI reports to practitioners across various fields not limited to asylum process, cross-border and in a user-friendly format, can play a determining role in achieving the aim of the common response to human trafficking in particular relating to identification, referral, assistance, investigation, prosecution, integration, compensation and redress and safe return. 

It is a way to improve rapid response and systemic strategies such as NRMs and TRMs to human trafficking perpetuated by organised crime networks cross border. 

The Knowledge Portal electronic library will offer this service to practitioners and fill the current gap. 

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