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More Learning?

About the need for learning by doing

The CCSDD Human Trafficking Initiative Learning Pillar goal is to support multi-agency involvement of practitioners in developing comprehensive assessment and investigation skills, drawing up safety plans and interventions, improving prosecution outcomes, as well as facilitating recovery and preventing re-trafficking. 

Based on the analytical work conducted in the Hub and concrete needs assessments deriving from the activities implemented in the Projects Pillar, the objectives of the Thematic Annual Learning Plan created by CCSDD under the Learning Pillar is to interconnect practitioners from countries observing particular trends, modus operandi and phenomena linked to human trafficking, countries more experienced in certain types of response as well as practitioners working on possible ramifications of related human trafficking cases. 

Learning will integrate simulation-based exercise methods in line with the model developed by the OSCE, promoting learning by doing ways of apprehension, as well as online peer-to-peer sessions carried out in a restricted access format. 


Reintegration Through Social Enterprises in Nigeria 

By Josef Otavio Santos Horwath, Research Assistant HT Initiative

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