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Why field work as a Pillar?

About the need for frontline knowledge feeding into the Hub

The CCSDD Human Trafficking Initiative Pillar Projects envisages the involvement of Johns Hopkins SAIS as a project partner of selected human rights defender NGOs, in providing direct assistance to trafficked persons, focusing on the following areas: 

- facilitation of trafficked persons' access to justice

- empowerment and promotion of long-term solutions through education and labour market integration of trafficked persons

- inclusive action for child victims of trafficking for the purpose of criminal exploitation and combined forms of exploitation

Direct field assistance constitutes an important element feeding into the analytical work of CCSDD Human Trafficking Initiative and creates a solid base for further broader Johns Hopkins SAIS advocacy and policy change efforts. 

In addition, the practical training offered by the possibility for Johns Hopkins SAIS students to undergo internships under the Projects Pillar directly enhances their understanding of how theoretical principles apply to real life trafficking cases, improving their comparative analysis abilities, and introducing them to the complexities of trafficking cases. 

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